Left-wing Liberalism so good...NY Times: Venezuela Is Torturing Military Officers To Retain Power
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Leroy N. Soetoro
2019-08-17 01:05:27 UTC

If you’re a socialist dictator whose country is suffering from
hyperinflation leading to starvation and mass suffering, what do you do?
The answer for Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro is that you maintain your grip
on power by making sure the armed forces remain loyal. That has become
increasingly difficult in Venezuela as the hunger has become a serious
problem for everyone, including rank and file members of the military.
Today the NY Times reports that the Maduro regime’s solution to this
problem is torture:

“The abuse of military officers has grown because they represent a real
threat for Maduro’s government,” said Gen. Manuel Cristopher Figuera,
Venezuela’s former head of intelligence, who defected in April and spoke
from the United States.

There are now 217 active and retired officers being held in Venezuelan
jails, including 12 generals, according to the Coalition for Human Rights
and Democracy, a Caracas-based nonprofit that represents several of the

The coalition has documented 250 cases of torture committed by Venezuelan
security forces against military officers, their relatives and opposition
activists since 2017. Many of the victims have spent years in jail without
trial. Few have been convicted of crimes and most have not even been
charged, according to the organization.

The weaker the government is, “the stronger is the torture against the
people they consider dangerous,” said Ana Leonor Acosta, a lawyer with the

The story goes on to note that former President Hugo Chavez said in 2006,
“The Socialist government has to be a humanist government, it can’t
torture anyone.” As I pointed out before, Chavez also promised that
Venezuela wouldn’t follow the tyrannical road traveled by the USSR. “No,
we’re not going to fall into those same mistakes,” he said in 2008.
Venezuelan socialism was going to be different.

A little over a decade later the socialist paradise has once again become
a nightmare. Approximately four million people have fled the country and
for those who remain, fear is the order of the day. The revolution always
promises peace and equality but in the end, Democratic Socialism resorts
to controlling people through the very real fear that the state will
torture and murder them if they fail to toe the line.
No collusion - Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III, March 2019.

Donald J. Trump, 304 electoral votes to 227, defeated compulsive liar in
denial Hillary Rodham Clinton on December 19th, 2016. The clown car
parade of the democrat party ran out of gas and got run over by a Trump

Congratulations President Trump. Thank you for cleaning up the disaster
of the Obama presidency.

The Obama-led Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)
approved Uranium One in fall 2010. With a little luck, we'll see
compulsive liar Hillary Clinton in jail before she dies.

Under Barack Obama's leadership, the United States of America became the
The World According To Garp.

Obama increased total debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion in the eight
years he was in office, and sold out heterosexuals for Hollywood queer
liberal democrat donors.
2019-08-21 22:27:00 UTC
On Sat, 17 Aug 2019 01:05:27 -0000 (UTC), "Leroy N. Soetoro"
Post by Leroy N. Soetoro
whose country is suffering from
hyperinflation leading to starvation and mass suffering, what do you do?
Dunno. Ask Macri. No US sanctions (the real cause of misery in
Venezuela, and the people there know it) and he's managed to increase
Argentina's government/foreign debt threefold, and salaries are 1/6
(in US$) what they were when he took office. Investment grade minus
Hunger and unemployment everywhere.
Right wing politics will do that.
So you ask what will he do?
Probably flee the country who's people he betrayed and be a
billionaire in the US.
And leave the Social Democrats with the Herculean mission of
rebooting the economy.
Best of luck, Argentina. I won't cry for you though, you
brought it on yourselves.

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