Left-wing Liberalism so good...Maduro's Ex-Spy Chief Is In Washington And He's Spilling The Beans
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Leroy N. Soetoro
2019-06-26 23:33:38 UTC

Here’s a surprise twist we didn’t see coming in the Venezuelan implosion
saga. There’s a new visitor freshly arrived in Washington with some tales
to tell and he probably knows plenty. His name is General Manuel Ricardo
Cristopher Figuera and he was about as far into Venezuelan tyrant Nicolas
Maduro’s inner circle as you could get. Until recently he ran the
country’s highly feared secret police, the SEBIN. Before Maduro took
power, Figuera spent a decade as the chief of security for his
predecessor, Hugo Chavez. He reportedly studied his craft under communist
spymasters in Castro’s Cuba. So this guy was on the inside.

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But when Juan Guaido declared himself interim president and attempted to
prod the military into revolt, Figuera jumped ship and backed Guaido.
After the overthrow failed he went into hiding in Colombia, where he
remained until now. But he’s in Washington and he’s ready to talk.
(Washington Post)

And yet, when the U.S.-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó announced his
uprising April 30 to oust Maduro, Figuera emerged as a surprise
conspirator — and, as the uprising failed, a man suddenly sprinting for
his life into the hands of U.S. operatives in neighboring Colombia.

After nearly two months in hiding here in the Colombian capital, protected
around the clock by a security detail, Figuera arrived in the United
States on Monday armed with allegations about Maduro’s government: The
illicit gold deals. The Hezbollah cells working in Venezuela. The extent
of Cuban influence inside Maduro’s Miraflores Palace.

The uprising failed, and Maduro remains in power. But Figuera doesn’t
regret turning against his boss.

If you click through to the full story it will be worth your while. It’s a
long tale of intrigue surrounding how Figuera was recruited for the
opposition, soundling like it could have come straight out of a Brad Thor
novel. But this is real world stuff. Figuera is revealing all sorts of
details about Maduro’s corrupt gold transfer schemes, the presence of
Hezbollah cells in Venezuela, the involvement of the Russians and Cuban
military assets in the country.

But there’s a problem with hoisting Figuera upon the shoulders of
Washington and praising him for turning on his old boss. As the head of
the SEBIN, the man was in charge of a lot of beastly, dirty work,
including torturing some of Maduro’s critics and making people
“disappear.” He’s one of the targeted individuals who had personal
sanctions placed on them by Trump. In short, in the middle of a viper’s
nest of seriously bad dudes, this dude was among the worst.

I suppose you can forgive him a bit if he’s really dishing out a lot of
intelligence that will help us going forward. But we also can’t afford to
lionize him. Our new prize turncoat was a seriously bad man in Venezuela.
No collusion - Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III, March 2019.

Donald J. Trump, 304 electoral votes to 227, defeated compulsive liar in
denial Hillary Rodham Clinton on December 19th, 2016. The clown car
parade of the democrat party ran out of gas and got run over by a Trump

Congratulations President Trump. Thank you for cleaning up the disaster
of the Obama presidency.

The Obama-led Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)
approved Uranium One in fall 2010. With a little luck, we'll see
compulsive liar Hillary Clinton in jail before she dies.

Under Barack Obama's leadership, the United States of America became the
The World According To Garp.

Obama increased total debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion in the eight
years he was in office, and sold out heterosexuals for Hollywood queer
liberal democrat donors.
2019-06-27 19:46:14 UTC
On Wed, 26 Jun 2019 23:33:38 -0000 (UTC), "Leroy N. Soetoro"
Post by Leroy N. Soetoro
But there’s a problem with hoisting Figuera upon the shoulders of
Washington and praising him for turning on his old boss. As the head of
the SEBIN, the man was in charge of a lot of beastly, dirty work,
including torturing
The CIA has never had a problem with that before. In fact
Judge Moro(n) from Brazil, who was responsible for the coup is at CIA
headquarters as we speak, learning new torture methods.
He's the one that jailed Lula based on newspaper cuttings(Lula
had 67% of the vote and was practically elected) so right wing nutter
Bolsonaro could win. Take a peek at Brazils economy .... going ...
going ... gone.

PS They just found 37 kilos of cocaine on Bolsonaro's plane.
Probably some deal with the DEA. Nobody will be jailed for that.
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