How a group of US mercenaries reportedly fumbled a coup attempt in Venezuela
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2020-05-08 01:05:03 UTC
How a group of US mercenaries reportedly fumbled a coup attempt in Venezuela

On Sunday, according to the Venezuelan government, two US
mercenaries were captured attempting to lead a coup against President
Nicolás Maduro. The men, both former US special forces, are affiliated
with a Florida-based security contractor that has claimed
responsibility. [New York Times]

The US government, which broke off diplomatic communications with
Venezuela last year and recognizes opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the
rightful president rather than Maduro, has disavowed any connection to
the failed coup attempt. [AP / Scott Smith and Joshua Goodman]

As the Washington Post reported Wednesday, Guaidó appears to have
at least some connection with the security company — Silvercorp — that
claimed responsibility, and he previously signed an agreement with the
company with the objective of deposing Maduro. [Washington Post /
Anthony Faiola, Karen DeYoung, and Ana Vanessa Herrero]

As New York magazine’s Matt Stieb points out, the operation wasn’t
exactly set up to succeed. Among other things, Silvercorp appears to
have tweeted about the attack as it was underway, even tagging
@realDonaldTrump. [NY Mag / Matt Stieb]

Also on Wednesday, the Venezuelan government published a video of
the two mercenaries purportedly confessing to the coup attempt.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has indicated that the US will “use every
tool that we have available to try and get [the US mercenaries] back.”
[NPR / Colin Dwyer]
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2020-05-13 04:44:49 UTC
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