Free to Be All We Can Be - hokeypokie... Bad Guys Bush and Cheney Closed 911 Police Investigations as Traitors to the Cause (we turn you to regular progrmng <AmeriKan Zombie Inc>]
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Every Bushite Traitor's Death is a Gift to God and America
2010-03-07 22:52:53 UTC
Alex Jones exposes attempt to demonize 9/11 Truth on Fox News

It is Alex Jones that is letting a demonization
of 911 "truthers" here. He can't mention that
Bush closed 911 Police Investigations? Iron
flowing like water on video? General Ahamd
funding Atta? Plus, it appears he's reading.
Why would ungodly Zionist enemy Fox take
risks with Jones, where the facts might be
spoken? Right? Demand Justice.

FOXNEWS "Al-Qaida calls on US Muslims to attack America"

But not to with glee, kill the bushite
nazi grunts for Christ? But not to stand
as men to demand the trial and execution
of Bush and Cheney for 911? I mean, come on,
who buys this but the enemy coward nazi
amerikan? who universally are bigots and
racists committed to not allow Justice to
rule through free speech with the FACTS?

/ / Over four million Americans lost jobs
in 2009, with December adding 85,000 and
January 2010 seeing no improvement to this
unnecessary economic and social tragedy.
Unemployment is falsely claimed at 10%; \ \

And TV Amerika sells that the ONLY
oposition to this sickness of habitual
deceit is the Tea Party of pro torturing
innocent peoples ot death for Satan, or
con man Alex Jones who blames the made
powerless, or the NWO. Never to demand
Justice for the victims of 911. Bush
closed 911 police investigations.


The King Has Risen In Comic Book Fictions

The Zionist Nazis of Israel

They know of the Messiah, yet, look at the hatred
for God and Jews that is openly expressed with
naked deception by these Satanic enemies of Life
who spew from the dark evil pit of their hells.
The Zionist Nazis of Israel targeted innocent
children to die as MURDER VICTIMS after breaking
their word of Truce, done for more money in OUR
stolen names. The Nazi government of War criminal
Israeli, openly steal innocent Peoples Homes
on near a daily basis, I mean Jesus, come on,
don't be obscene as an Christian to be so blind
as not to care to fall innocent others to this
treachery, of taxed to be ungodly as criminal.
War criminal. Escaping the enemies of Justice
for Humanity Mr. Bush and Cheney by closing 911
Police Investigations. Designed since the dawn
of time, to track down the actual bad guys who
done did do US wrong. factually. Let's start

The charge against George Walk Bush is
called obstruction. We, The Peoples are not all
betrayers to a greater day. We, The Peoples are
not proud ignorant enemies of the Republic like
Sarah Palin and every single last Republican,
demanding Justice be denied against terror suspects.
This battle is lead by the forces who champion the
rights of all as fairness you cheats. No evidence
against an accused means the person is innocent.
This is not a rocket.


'Denver Catholic School Kicks Student Out For Having Lesbian Parents'

Amerika, demon nazi cult nation, has no problems
religiously mass murdering innocent millions to
escape Nazi Zionist Bush and Cheney for 911,
while these demon enemies of God, insist such
evil exists in the Bible as good will, yet, it
doesn't to the champions of Justice against the
naked ungodly tyranny Amerikans are. I would ask
all Christians to war these demons to defend the
rights of innocent others. But we know, I'll beg
for Justice, I'll beg for hope, and Amerikans will
only read my great words with a hatred and derision
in their hearts for God and Life by remaing silent.
Can't forward a important message to save some
innocent persons life, and can't even raise a phone
to speak a care for their so too hated neighbors.
Just to hate everyone and anyone but their bankster
benefactors in blind horror. Evil, ungodly, criminal.
Bush and Cheney closed 911 Police Investigations.



Now..see? Corporate Amerika refuses to correct
ourselves. Like they don't for Sarah demon witch
liar Palin.

Mitt Romney Calls Emergency Rooms "Entirely Free Care"

Now..see? Corporate Amerika refuses to correct
ourselves. Like they don't for Sarah demon witch
liar Palin. This is a LIE sold by Ron Paul also,
and remember, cultists of Alex Jones, are trained
not to question anything Ron Paul has ever said
since before early childhood, because that way
you wouldn't be a Patriot. For anyone that does
criticize Ron, or the fact that the Tea Party has
no stand but to lower taxes for banksters, and
torture the innocent to death to escape Bush and
Cheney for closing 911 Police Investigations
means we're cointelpro. (I fear someone's been
drugging "the Pope" Alex's coffee.) For, these
are the reasons we've been blinded by Alex
Jones' "New World Order". !. We need to go by the
facts to substantiate something truthfully, not
in faith with as single person that is no greater
than anyone in the land of the free as home to
the brave. Faith is for God, or the certainty of
un-certainty willing Justice as measured, as Man
freeing ourselves of criminal tyranny as actually
understood. Practiced diligently as a civilized
world does.

Mr. Bush the War Criminal Antichrist
"we don't need any evidence"

The Peoples
"yeah, we do."


Brig.-Gen. J.C. Collin, commander of Land Force
Central Area, that they were being told "not to
interfere in incidents in which Afghan forces
were having sex with children."

The Targeted Victims are American Children

Generation.RX.2008.DVDRip - "Will we surrender,
or will we fight these medical dictates?, will
we embrace the truth, or succumb to the lies?"

I beg you to fight back by calling for Justice
this day. I will for US to lead up the
arrests, trials, and convictions of those
responsible for mass murder on 911 for starters.
Sound not good to whom? The rich and powerful?
The cowardly sadist slaves that take their
pleasures in stealing the rights of innocent
others? If I hear another Coast to Coast caller,
telling us all how great George Noory is, as a
ploy to make you believe your all alone with his
absent concerns for defending America, freedom
will continue to fail to unruly tyranny. And I
don't want to hear that, do You?

DEMON LIAR Palin's Stand-Up Debut Had Inserted Canned Laughter?

/ / Sarah Palin's March 2nd appearance on Jay Leno's
Tonight show were added or amplified, edited before
broadcast to make it appear that Sarah Palin was
more welcome than she was.

I know. I was there. \ \

I thought as I have many times, man, what's with
this pro-torture/pro-treason as Nazi Grunters
escaping Bush and Cheney audience, when Palin was
simply sitted answering with her typical zombie
like nothingness of complete ignorance to promote
an ungodly tyranny of more causeless lawless mass
murders - an evil whore who publically champions
indiscriminate mass murders, without even giving
a cause! Championing Dying Justice to escaping
real Terrorists!! Without even LYING!!!! ! !
Jay in his usual style, failed to mention any of
it. Just sell you out for a dollar, who cares for
innocent Human Life in TV Amerika anyways? It's
just your American son or daughter she will
trick out to die for in a war she has no stated
public cause she has to hold, but that of the
bad guy war criminal enemy NOCAUSSERTWESWERFG%$Z#^ZEDXR

She also stole the bridge to nowhere money.


"Medicare Advantage" equals 24% of Tax Health Spending

/ / Medicare Advantage plans are private health
plans that receive payments from Medicare to
provide Medicare-covered benefits to enrollees. \ \

Why would the Amerikan sucker, accept paying
taxes to private insurance companies for
billions of wasted health care profits? Well,
this was what Obama took a big chunk out of,
so, but still. money is going in this direction
out of the control of a wise investor who knows
buying in bulk is cheaper,, and getting as close
to wholesale on essential goods and services is
where sound judgment resides for the winner's
side. Example: Our Public Utilities were/are paid
for entirely, in almost every single case,
with public tax dollars. Then, some thief stole
our interest by giving away our water, gas,
telephone, electicity companies at half or
less of their actual worths to themselves or their
immediate friends, to end doubling, or tripling,
or quadrupling our monopolized bills as suckered
to suffer without Justice ruling once again.

FOURTEEN Reasons to Reject Corporate Options for Health Care

I do believe this is in the new 'improved' version,
as yet, I haven't read.. but I hear, that this Obama
plan contains a subsidy to pay private insurance
companies for those with low incomes. That, my
friends, is dumb. Why? Well, you as an American will
be taxed for health care, that will go into the pockets
of profitizing billionaires, where instead, you could
have used those same dollars, for the stipulated reason
we were taken from as needing. Obama, before, claimed
this construct a 'no-brainer' to the casual listener.
Congressional budget office claims 87 billion could
be saved in tuitions alone! But will Americans care
enough for my wisedum to forward these words in their
own legitimate concern? It's iffy. Amerika is frankly,
a sorry lot losing to cheats in broad daylight. Bush
and Cheney closed outstanding 911 Police Investigations.

Calling for the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder!

/ / It turns out the demon enemy DOCTORED the NIE to trick Congress
into a NEEDLESS conflict where American Teens die daily for
years as godless thieves! (Maybe a hundred!!) Who cares? Do zionist
nazis care to have Americans pick up their phones to phone George
Norry to demand public coverage with open debate on the fact
that Iraqis were never found in violation of UN resolution
1441? Remember: George Norry is into going ballistic against
soldiers who refuse criminal orders. Orders such as raping
or torturing The People he stays America silent on as...
An enemy, or friend to the cause of Liberty? You decide. \ \


/ / Expert says Arabs owe billions of dollars to Jews \ \

See? Only the truly evil as ungodly 'wouldn't' see
the criminal intent expressed by these zionist enemies,
while siding to murder the innocent to thieve from
themselves, if it means they can get rich robbing
ourselves undefended by G-D will. Why?
Because nazi American talk radio refuses to take our
calls for Justice ruling towards a better day.
Conservatives/Libertarians/Nazis waste about welfare
to homeless people who have no radio or phones, but
'can't see' trillions and trillions missing/STOLEN,
no-bid contracts, video of iron flowing like water
from the towers, or that Bankers aren't even covering
the initial loans as the bigger loses. Puppets of the
New World Order. Let's be honest; how many Americans
would even know what Justice is for?


Obama Lied: Taliban Did Not Refuse to Hand Over Bin Laden

We are dealing with some serious liars here,
who'll lie to America to get killed teen soldiers
for more stolen money. And not so
coincidentally, I happen to be a guy here who can
actually explain the science behind what is known
as free. Not just your every day info either by
the way. To crave Justice for everyone, is to
love freedom to be all we can be. And..., things
haven't be going so well if you've noticed... We
need to start on demanding the public arrest and
public trial of the 911 conspirators, through an
open line international dialog on the simple
truths of how we've all been hoodwinked this way.
Like, 'banksters don't cover our loans, we do' as
a classic. I'd just like to state for the
record, I'm the good guy in all of this.. anda
we should be better than what we've been. We
need leadership. We need we fairly, and to be to
the point on prevailing over injustice against
any of us, as truly worth something to defend.
Hey! I'm just naturally saying, isn't life a
strange gift for everyone.. yup.. so people,
let's get to work at fixing this place up..

Mabe a newspaper could sponser me? Globe
and Mail maybe? Boy People, I really could
use a voice or two. Suffering and death
by lawless causeless wars sucks man, and
we have to call a halt to it.


WTC 7 "about to blow up"


Book: Cheney pushed for armed conflict with Russian in 2008

This explains the demon whore of Satan retard
Sarah Palin LYING to America, in support of
murdering those countless innocent families in
South Ossetia by Saakasvilli's war crime actions.
She claimed to Gibson on ABC News those countless
children who were murdered, were murdered for her
personal gains to lie in GOD's presence, to
reward herself of those first degree mass murders
as a Zionist war profiteer. (Cause what's that
dead Son of God 'fiction' fellow ever going to
really accomplish in the Amerikan TV world of
today right?) Murders that occurred at every
Hospital that was targeted, elementary schools,
or households that Satanic Saakasvilli had the
Zionist Nazi Grunts throw grenades into.
Murdering so many innocent souls, they couldn't
even find enough free space to bury the dead.
who today, calls for more wars against innocent
peoples, without even a LIE, WITHOUT EVEN A
LIE!!!! NOT EVEN A LIE to hold her baseless
position of wanting to see more innocent MASS
MURDER victims. She glees in the Public Arena as
a dedicated Zionist to see the innocent murdered
for Satan, for Nazi terrorists to escape Justice.
For Terrorists to escape Justice!!!!! Fuk I HATE
her almost more than Condi for 911. Retard Sarah
Palin is the most evilest women that has ever
existed in all of recorded History. Plus, she
stole the bridge to nowhere money. Corporate
Amerika wills to hypnotize you here by saying
nothing to correct her NAKED demon lies, (like
they don't against those who support torture at
CPAC/AIPAC as deserving to die rightly for
Reagan) or that popular 'alternative' NWOer line,
'she's just a puppet, she's just a puppet'. But
what about the countless innocent murder victims
I would say lacking Justice SHE denies to defend
our dying freedoms? It was no accident that she
said, "un-provoked". No accident. SEE? Say she
didn't know nothing truly, (even though she took
Sakkasvilli's dick up her fat ugly ass as caught
on video) and just said that because her 'puppet
master' told her to, regarding the support of
blind mass murder for stolen money.? DIE BUSHITE
DIE I would Judge fairly there also. SEE?
Puppet as whatever, no two ways about it, she is
seriously EVIL. While the seriously gone
delusional bigot Alex 'I'm the new Pope' Jones,
tells everyone, that anyone that criticizes him
and Ron Paul, and the Tea Party for anything is
cointelpro. Her final death will be marked as a
holiday in my book. While Alex is a mess for not
taking open line calls in Respect for facts he
DOESN'T OWN, nor is he absolutely infallible,
despite his obscenely ridiculous claims to be so.
I as Creator, do not own truth, nor as that Man
Alex pirates in his cartoon NWOer world, am not
Infallible. I'm wiser beyond Alex's furthest
imaginations, sure, a great guitar player, a
singer, a lover, um.. yeah, it's true I'm a
god.. (King of the gods actually with REAL
answers to how this works) but I do not know
everything under the sun. The Pope is a Joke to
not fight for what is right, what is Just, what
is spiritual. Alex Jones isn't all bad though,
he's just confused horribly on many things, he
figures wrongly as a weak minded absolutioning
bigot/racist. Open polite debate finding easy
simple answers for everything is what he blindly
fears for looking stupid/ and or evil as clearly
unjust. While I am stupid near every day, but
near NEVER EVER, unjust in determining
thoughtfully, another's right to be free of
global tyranny. Unlike Alex, I don't advocate
shooting innocent Americans in the back to sound
tough in a hellish world of real ungodly tyranny
which he would proscribe!, nor do I have any
misinterpretations about the free to be rights of
Mexicans, Blacks, Japanese, CPS workers, gays or
straights, rockers, country folks, Aliens, and so
on.. Justice for all is the Key here.

Mikhail Saakashvili and his supporters are ready to
start a new war and plunge the country into chaos again.

Bushite Nazi Grunter Excusing the Murder of Children

Bushite Nazi Grunter “There’s no doubt that there were insurgents
there, and there may well have been an insurgent leader in the house,
but that doesn’t justify executing eight children who were all
enrolled in local schools,”

No doubt what? That the Term Taliban means
Student in Arabic? And that a leader of 10 year
old Taliban are called school teachers in the
western world? Again, it was bushite who figured
they had an excuse to murder some innocent
children. Someone over there should look into
it, for these enemies of Life, are Satanic
enemies of Christ. They'll gang rape American
women, and Americans will "vote" for more of it,
without near anyone phoning George Noory, the
demon enemy, and complaining about his lack of
care, or respect for Americans falling further
victims with his laughter and chuckles. Bush and
Cheney closed 911 Police investigations. He
doesn't care, but, do you?

What Are Banks Doing with Their Depositors' Money?

Top Priority

Top priority. Justice for 911 Victims. Paper
ballots for fair elections on fixing to vote for
a public education on 'banking scams'. Us, and
them who hide and pretend who's all paying for
this there is something not publicly defined.
Because they are taking us for Rooked! Banksters
don't cover our loans. Checkmate. Hi, we the
People are vying for something more than a big
snore on who pays for who's bills here.
Derivatives trading are fraud in the quadrillions
upon quadrillions.. Why? Because they pay
themselves with the real pension money in
commissions, and leave you broke with worthless
pieces of paper backed by squat. Victim you are
paying again as going 'toxic' when the FDIC comes
in and taxes you in the near trillions for the
shortfalls. (While Republicans and Libertarians
prattle on about denying health care to the
homeless, shelter for the elderly, or puppet no
taxes for banksters as all fancy law and big
governments are bad cause they represent wiser
men and women who can defend ourselves without
censorship practiced. Good law stands strong for
good reasons. Causeless lawless wars of tyranny
are crimes warranting death in the name of all
innocent peoples falling as victims. "Socialist"
traffic signal systems work to ease congestion,
and save peoples lives.) So, where are the
criminal investigations here in what the FDIC has
been doling out?, on how this money is being
misappropriated out of accounting?, and no hocus
pocus funny business either, for we know all the
banks do is TAKE our money mostly for free as is,
and the banksters don't cover our credit, we do
as defrauded our rights here. Bush closed 911 police
investigations remember my friends, so we're
dealing with a barbaric society of dumfukkery
lost by indifference to the definition of what
Justice proclaims: freedom. So, let's try and
be on their best at rendering innocent or guilty
verdicts without evidence to substantiate as fact.
TV People don't much give a damn about ourselves
in this regard. This must change for the better.
I know CBC and CNN with FoxNews don't care here
to inform our soldiers they are being conned to
die for the escape of the Neocon traitors to God
and Man. Do YOU care to question, that you do
have a responsibility to forward this post in
the defense of all that is?


/ / NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA,
carried out terror bombings in Italy and blamed
the communists, in order to rally people’s
support \ \

Then know, what a disloyal bushite enemy is.
It's a nazi grunter who refused to uphold his
word, his oath, and refuses still, cowardly, to
demand the arrest of all peenacker neocons for
the high treasons of 911. Dying for continuing
the lies is the silence of a betrayer, who's
commitment is not to defend America, but to rape
and pillage from US all with excuses that will
never fly. Bush and Cheney closed 911 police

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers


The Zionist Nazis broke the truce to get killed
Jews for money. THEY ADMIT THIS FREELY. See?


God is really the wonder worker here, I'm just in
for the Festivities, trying not to be too pushy.
But golly, we all are kind dumb to not realize
how fantastic life could truly become, if we held
respect for one another, to defend ourselves from
these escaping war criminals. Bush and Cheney
closed 911 Police Investigations for example.
Soldiers must be made all aware of this, as so,
the good guys can shine on for Victory.

Mortgage Companies Complaints

/ / We received a foreclosure notice in the mail
from an attorney. It stated we had defaulted on
our loan. It did not make sense. \ \

Bernanke delivers blunt warning on U.S. debt

..declared that the central bank will not help
legislators by printing money to pay for the
ballooning federal debt.

Well, that would be bad economics though.. A
progressive tax structure needs to be implemented
everywhere, to bring needed currency back into
the market, BEFORE the banksters make off with a
few more million dollar homes. How? Easy as
pie. nix that.. I mean, Easier than flying. We
start: on taxing the richer than billioniares
who have paid next to nothing as it was, and
fixing the Lotteries to be 100 percent payouts
financed with a new wall street tax(s). buta,
these are just suggestions that I think need open
debate on while the 911 public trials are
underway, to flesh out errors of our strategy, to
do the near impossible; make the right decision
that benefits the public, at large. Traffic
lights are really a good way to ease congestion,
and save peoples lives. 1+1=2. Fluoride in our
drinking water has got to go - and it's this need
that illustrates how far we've been abused by
these sadists who pirate our airwaves to exploit
our weaknesses unfairly. Thus is why evidence
must be understood as critical in any position
sold of public uncertainty on where we are
actually going hijacked lawlessly for tyranny.
No evidence for terrorists means the bad guys
escape. Justice is truly freedom, and dening
justice from the terrorsts as a public option
strategy is the con of a war criminal escaping
our authority. And that Americans buy that for
a dollar should shame our entire species.

American Dad - Oliver North song

Let's get the job done for the Gipper. He was
mostly an honest man trying to do the right
thing. Now true, it was Fox New International
Correspondent, Oliver North that was caught
planning to overthrow the American government
with the top secret Nazi grouping called, "the
Enterprise" But ah.. I'm not so sure Reagan
would've believed it. Traitor entities found
warring our innocent Humanity for lawless
totalitarianism, designed officially to over
throw the American Government in the end for holy
crap dope dealing banksters is just too loathsome
to fathom, for the everyday normal bloke or gal.
FOXNEWS truly need our help in understanding
their folly in being conned by such a well spoken
monster. Perhaps FOXNEWS would offer me an
international radio five hour spot, for Johnny's
World Wide Wonder of Wonder Show, as a kind of,
counter balance to their willful lawlessness?

You are truly amazing.

(I am still looking for big time investors)

Hey. I know bankers aren't all bad. There
hasn't been an effectively fair alternative for,
what seems like thousands of years - well except
in North Dakota, and Iraq, (before the Nazi
occupation I'm saying) - so we already know the
impossible dream is within our possible grasp if
we have the intelligence to speak it. But the
mercury that the government pumps into our
bloodstreams, while lying as demons that it's
harmless deserves undefeating Public outcries to
demand judicial remedy immediately. Yet, why
can't we get this done? We should. Okay then.


Mercs Claiming no American Service-Man is going
to tell him what laws he need to abide by, he's lawless!

“We have not received formal permission from the
Army to carry weapons yet but I will take my chances.”

Stealing ak47s. These bastards who haven't
quit soon all need to be taken into custody.
Cofer Black is directly complicit in the crimes
of 911, alone with his partners.


Unique like everyone else is,
General Johnny - Five Star



/ / A portion of that money may have been spent
wisely and honestly; much of it probably wasn't.
Some of it was stolen. \ \

It was all a crime called theft. How could to be
any other way? Bremer walked out from bagging
Dad with 19 billion dollars. The entire
Development Fund for Iraq (D.F.I.) was looted, by
Peoples like Negroponte, who STOLE, I said STOLE
(as according to the Washington Post) 200 plus
million from the EMERGENCY WATER Fund, of which
he stole to see Iraq dying to fill his Olympic
sized swimming pool, used only for him and his
bushite partners in crime. They publicly state a
fear that they could turn queer, makes them fags
hiding in closets with flamer Nergoponte,
erroring retarded Zombies dumfuking each other
for profitable deaths. Nothing wrong in being
gay per say, but I'm just saying why they hide
their fascistic wimpiness to authority, with a
sadistic hatred of the truth on what it means to
be a real man who defends our community. An
honest man. A man who speaks truth as real
justice ruling for freedom as perfectly natural.
Imagine, so guy who claims to be gay, joins the
Amerikan military of today?, as a grunt who only
knows it is to rape, to torture, to rob from
everyone and murder insdicriminately as a nazi
coward. It is to escape Bush and Cheney, it is
to leave America forsaken. And the bushite in
their minds, they don't care to have someone
question their moral values there? Sexually
disfuntional sadomasochists who steal America for
plunder is what they whore to as bushite slave,
giving good honorable gay flames all a bad name.
See what am I saying? some homos, like hetros,
can be real criminals who take us for victims
fooled too, While a Zionist imperialism is
continuing war crimes of plunder they confess
openly as their profit motive, they is out to
sack you and the Jews they leave to starve in
garbage dumps to attract charitible aid they can
steal elsewhere. Criminal. War Criminal. They
openly confess to atacking for murder, innocent
defenseless people. Like the bushite Nazi grunts
of us innocent Peoples of Iraq, by destroying our
public infrastructure, (war crimes) to then
making children run a mile for a bottle of water
to save the lives of their mothers. Of which
when the child of eight finishes the run, the
bushite grunts throw the water away, and laugh at
the suffering child in contempt for God, in
Contempt for Man. Proudly publishing on Youtube
for all the world to see their threat warranting
death. Youtube gives us the low down on how evil
an enemy to Life is, that proudly call
themselves, American Service men. I am more
American, than 99.9999% percent of the FOX NEWS