A bushite nazi soldier's motto:
(demasiado antiguo para responder)
Origins of the Knight
2004-03-03 15:32:46 UTC


/ / Bush should be impeached

The president of the United States shall be removed from
office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason,
bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Article II, Section 4, the U.S. Constitution

...The founding fathers did not intend that the application
of constitutional principles be expropriated by the party
in power. \ \


/ / But the Azerbaijan dictatorship has granted billions
of dollars in oil contracts to ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco
and BP-Amoco. Last December, U.S.Defence Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld visited Azerbaijan, where he brushed aside reporters'
questions about democratic deficiencies. "The United States
has a relationship with this country. We value it."

But to the democratically elected Haitian government, which has
nothing to offer the U.S. but the anguished cries of its people,
Washington apparently sees nothing of value. \ \


/ / After the downfall of Duvalier, in many sectors of the country,
the population created popular tribunals. The tribunals would call on
Tonton Macoutes and Duvalierists, ask them questions and try to get
justice. This is a formula that was very active, very vibrant, but
not fall within the U.S. concept of democracy. \ \


/ / French radio station RTL broadcast an interview with a
``frightened old man'' whom its correspondent came across when he
visited Aristide's residence and who said he was Aristide's caretaker.
He told RTL, ``The American army came to take [Aristide] away at two
in the morning ... The Americans forced him out with weapons.'' \ \


/ / Burger flippers solve Bush's jobs problem

Take, for example, their newest solution to the shrinking number
of manufacturing jobs in America: Issue a decree that fast-
food workers are manufacturing employees.

Instantly, you create millions of new manufacturing jobs. \ \



/ / "The opposition is a bunch of thugs and drug runners," said Payne.

Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.), said, "We were misled about their plan to
force out Aristide. I don't think any member of Congress can trust
what this administration now tells us." \ \



/ / Daily Brief with Ray McGovern

An image of George Tenet pandering outside the Capitol
in a bustier, fishnet stockings and spiked heals interrupts
my train of thought. The big eyebrows have got to go. \ \



/ / Heather Williams: Haiti as Target Practice

First, no one bothered to ask who the rebels were and
why they were advancing on major cities. If in fact they
represented a broad opposition, as reporters readily implied
or stated openly, why were the rebels unable to furnish the
barest credible details of their demands, their civilian
bases of support, and their connections to leaders of civil
society groups?

..."All sides," he wrote in a very fine article last fall
in Dollars and Sense, "concede that Aristide won the
presidential ballot with 92 percent of the vote. The sole
disagreement is over run-off elections for seven senators
from Aristide's part who obtained pluralities but not
majorities in the first round. The seven senators eventually
resigned, making way for new elections." Nonetheless, these
electoral "abuses" were grounds for the Bush administration
and pliant international partners in Europe to suspend
hundreds of millions of dollars in credit lines and aid to
Haiti. \ \

Ya, but what about the cocaine shipments aimed for
distribution to New York City school districts?



/ / The most visible in recent weeks on Haiti has been
Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
Roger Noriega, a man who has had Aristide in his gunsights
for over a decade. As senior staff member for the Committee
on Foreign Relations of the U.S. Senate, and advisor to
Senator Jesse Helms and John Burton, he was party to a
three-year campaign to prevent to defame Aristide and prevent
his return to power; all the while CIA-backed thugs left
carnage in the streets daily in Port Au Prince. \ \

Ya, what about the cocaine shipments aimed for
distribution to New York City school districts?


/ / Given the inability of Haitians at present to question
the direction of whatever succession takes place in the
coming weeks, the question of how fully Noriega and his
fanatical friends will control U.S. foreign policy in the
Americas is crucial. \ \

Ya, what about the cocaine shipments aimed for
distribution to New York City school districts?



/ / "I've been amazed that our government has never talked about the
drug trafficking...even though it is obviously one of the major
reasons why these people drove their president out of the country
and why they are determined not to let him back in. We're talking
hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal profits that are having
disastrous consequences for the American people,"
says Rep. John Conyers (D-MI.) \ \


US Sponsored Coup d'Etat: The Destabilization of Haiti

/ / The Minister of Finance had sent the amended budget to the
Parliament on December 14th. Donor support was conditional upon its
rubber stamp approval by the Legislature. While Aristide had promised
to increase the minimum wage, embark on school construction and
literacy programs, the hands of the new government were tied. All
major decisions regarding the State budget, the management of
the public sector, public investment, privatization, trade and
monetary policy had already been taken. They were part of the
agreement reached with the IMF on November 6, 2000.

...In an utterly twisted logic, Haiti's abysmally low wages, which
have been part of the IMF-World Bank "cheap labor" policy framework
since the 1980s, are viewed as a means to improving the standard of
living. In other words, sweatshop conditions in the assembly
industries (in a totally unregulated labor market) and forced labor
conditions in Haiti's agricultural plantations are viewed by the IMF
as a key to achieving economic prosperity, because they "attract
foreign investment."

...While a humanitarian catastrophe is looming, the collapse of the
economy spearheaded by the IMF, has served to boost the popularity
of the Democratic Platform, which has accused Aristide of "economic
mismanagement." Needless to say, the leaders of the Democratic
Platform including Andy Apaid, who actually owns the sweatshops are
the main protagonists of the low wage economy. \ \


/ / The United Nations should help restore Mr Aristide to power for
his remaining two years in office, making clear that yesterday's
events were an illegal power grab. Second, the US should call on the
opposition, which is largely a US construct, to stop the violence
immediately and unconditionally. Third, after years of literally
starving the people of Haiti, the long-promised and long-frozen
aid flows of Dollars 500m should start immediately, These steps
would rescue a dying democracy and avert a possible bloodbath. \ \



/ / More Chaos, More Questions

..."White House officials acknowledged that U.S. intelligence
officials informed President Bush weeks before the Sept. 11
attacks that bin Laden's terrorist network might try to hijack
American planes."

- ABC News, 5/16/02


No one predicted "that [terrorists] would try to use an airplane
as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile."

- Condoleezza Rice, who refuses to publicly explain this
discrepancy to the 9/11 commission, 5/16/02 \ \


United Press International: Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels

/ / Regarding evidence linking the U.S. government with
opposition forces, Kim Ives, an activist and journalist
working in Haiti, said that he had proof of collaboration
between Special Forces in Haiti and the Dominican military.
He said the Pentagon has sent military aid to the Dominican
Republic, including 20,000 M-16 rifles.

...Using Venezuela as an example, Dupuy and Clark accused
the administration of not supporting governments that replace
any group of ruling elites. "Any government that has the
support of the majority of its people will have a problem
with the United States," Dupuy said. \ \


Forever Hold Your Peace

"I feel depressed," she said after leaving the theatre.
"He (Gibson) went overboard with the cruelty and
violence, and I think Mel Gibson is a bit of a sadist."

It's not the great artist Gibson, but corporate american
cult news who sit back bushiting "It's harmless, now
shut up dummy", knowing sadistic "sexy" rummy dumped
thousands of tons of radio-active toxic waste, along
with land mines to commit senseless, gratuitous mass
murder in residential communities housing the God of

It is bushite america who call themselves Christian, who
fund the Likud with American sweat and labor, to
criminally assault innocent Christians as accused of
nothing but being Christian. They do this as enemies of
Justice and God, to tell US as unbelievers, to
quickening the coming of the Lord, who will in turn,
condemn the individuals responsible, straight to hell
where they rightly belong. (Or prison whichever comes

It is America who sit bushiting "Freedom", while wording
nothing to blindly enslaving whomever, to torture or
murder for whatever by bombing Nations of People
irrationally. No reason., For law. (But to maybe
secretly sell drugs, or steal assets to victimize
Humanity. a.k.a. Jesus forsaken, or WMD bemer's Iraq)

And it is toxic cult corporate america, who let
traitors, bush and rummy murder thousands in New York
City, ("The People") and then escape forever, operation
infinite justice. I don't think so. I as John would
destroy every nazi american bushite happily, to save the
life of one child in any third world country.

The played passion of the Christ for God exceeded his
understanding of the people holding political power
through censorship as barbaric. (Christ, at the time,
didn't have the telephone, or the Internet.) Ideology
faced reality, and his hopes and dreams as a middle
easterner, were crushed by the evil lying bushites of
that time. (so the 'story' goes.) Those, like in
today's militarized corporate america, who's every drive
is to take a much as can be stolen through murder, to
deprive others their freedom to live peacefully as Good
believers in Justice for all, especially our God.
(Christ, we're almost like a living person represented
timelessly through written scriptures. Wow I say.)
Christ consciousness is of all relativities to consider,
and so, in his devote love for Love, (pretty boring
otherwise) took a fall like humanity as God is, (jumped
really) and in his hope through teaching the dumdums,
and learning, would come to create this Universe as it
always has been. It'a been no cakewalk. Killing people
for no good reasons really sucks. I hate bushites.

Let's get the Patriots together and bag US some Rumsfeld

I just so much hate that demon antiChrist bush, and his
cabal of war mongers, it hurts. Let's just kill George
W. Bush for being qualified to lead but only himself
and Rumsfeld directly up to our NRA's firing squad, for
almost foolishly thinking they would actually escape the
planned murder of US thousands in New York City on 9/11,
then continuing by sacrificing dumdum nazi soldiers on a
cross in a completely unnecessary war against
civilization. What is it that the evil bushites can do
now in Iraq, before murdering untold thousands and
thousands, but for stealing even more of God's good will
towards all Mankind as loved?

[ S I L E N C E ]

No words from the bushites who rule our communications
through corporate news censorship, while Christian
parents call out unheard: why has corporate america
allowed forsaken soldiers to eat plutonium to murder God
for a measly few dollars the bushmob will pocket for the
up coming "unbiased" re-election news campaign? As I
suggested before, (If there are no real men in the
marines) why not just give the unarrested bushmob all
the money they want, so we can forgo all the needless
death and suffering against our friends and family?

[Look, usenet's us.military.army can be the place anyone
in the world can offer any irrational thought on why
bush shouldn't be immediately arrested or executed as
traitor, but guess what? bushite nazi brethren, either
mostly don't exist in our real world, or can't think to
save themselves as bushwhore nazi dumdums. Dumdums who
advocate the senseless murder of innocent People, and
the continuing destruction of America's America.]

Destroy the demon bushmob, and all day long you'll have
good luck, I swear! Johnny says "give living a try!"


This next story is what the cruelty of america against
Christ is all about. Funding with their lives under the
leadership skills of the, corporate profit at all costs
form of american brutality, a government, of People,
under the Likud that persecutes the innocent as God is,
while they celebrate all as drunken bushite wannabe,
private banker billionaires. Drinking our wine, while
secretly calling God fiction.


/ / The annual burden may well exceed $3 billion ­ details are
very sensitive and thus kept secret. Under the Free Trade
Agreement Israel is allowed to export to the US freely, even
though US exports to Israel are very much constrained. That
trade-aid deficit, a loss to the US, now hovers around $9
billion per year.

Private Jewish aid from the US has contributed another $50-plus
billion to the burden. Much of this is a ``tax expenditure,''
because the donations are tax deductible in the US, but the
whole amount is a deadweight cost to the US economy, since Israel
tends to use aid money not to purchase from the US, but, instead,
buys from the EU. \ \




/ / Citing the flaws in those elections, the United States
and other foreign governments refused to monitor the
presidential election that followed, later in 2000, which
Mr. Aristide won handily. The opposition boycotted the
affair and still claims that the election was illegitimate,
but it does so against the weight of the evidence. This
includes a Gallup poll commissioned by the United States
government but never made public. (I obtained a copy last
year.) It shows that as of 2002 Mr. Aristide remained far
and away the most popular political figure in Haiti. \ \

/ / Moreover, those eight contested Senate seats didn't
affect the balance of power in Parliament. Even if it had
lost them all, Mr. Aristide's party would still have had
a clear majority. \ \

What is the opposition's position on health care
funding, or a progressive tax system? Just what is it
that is being fighted for if the rebels want to keep it
secret? If Aristide has no military, nor large, broad
based police force, how do allegations of a police state
ring through, done by a militarized force looting and
killing? And, who's funding these war actions?, could
it be, the bushmob again? To maybe, publicly turn our
way from George W. Bush's continuing criminality
against America's better name? Likely, but I don't know
for evidence yet. But, what does it matter, if
Americans can't stand up now to arrest or kill the bush
demon and "sexy" rummy for the crimes of 9/11 I ask you?


/ / Hidden from the Headlines sums up many of the Haitian
government's worthy accomplishments, which the U.S.
corporate press effectively whites-out. ``More schools
were built in Haiti from 1994-2000 than between 1804
and 1994,'' the authors point out, ``many in rural areas
where no schools existed previously.'' They also cite
progress made in agriculture, public transportation,
infrastructure, health care, AIDS prevention and
treatment, and defending children's rights. ``Clearly,
these programs represent a progressive agenda, initiated
under the most trying conditions,'' the booklet says. \ \

Ya, but what about the cocaine shipments aimed for
distribution to New York City school districts?


Gimmi my Money


/ / The multi-millionaire central banker insisted that it
was better public policy to cut benefit levels and increase
the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare--an
action that would hurt millions of working people--rather
than reverse tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor a thin layer
of the super-rich. \ \

Someone should ask Greenspan to consider taking out the
middle US all together, and tax Americans to just give
their earnings hand over fists, straight to the bushmob
partners for nothing. Then, the economy will really
take off., something else. Hell is what America is
becoming with that ungodly bush demon escaping our
police authority. As for Greenspan, he has always been
a liability. 2% is what he gets for America's Social
Security. Then, he gets loans for America, from America
at interest, paid to him and his band of debt profiteers
stupidly. Can You, as an American, borrow someone
billions that you don't have, charge them interest for
the privilege, then take their homes if they fail to pay
you PERSONALLY back money you didn't have to begin with?
I want to SERIOUSLY ask now, when are the pirate bankers
going to pay back the money they borrowed from America?
The treasury department, on behalf of America lent them
the money to begin with, so most the national debt, is
the total, Greenspan and his private banker nazi war
buddies owe all Americans. No?, how so? Teach me. I'm


/ / Bush's support for Social Security privatization has
nothing to do with solving a presumed financial crisis of
the old-age pension system. The administration aims, rather,
to use scare tactics about an impending crisis to legitimize
the biggest robbery of the federal treasury in history, as
trillions in Social Security payroll taxes are made available
to the stock exchange. \ \

/ / despite the DEA's admission that over 26,400 pounds of
cocaine entered the United States in 1993, transhipped through
Haiti with the cooperation of the military. \ \


Free Wheeling

/ / Why is it so far-fetched to imagine God's unhappiness
about denying civil rights to any man or woman? \ \

Okay, I'm going to free wheel my writing. I may change
my positions tomorrow on what I will for you today. I
am human, and as such, I grow through learning
experiences. The issue before US, of the demon bush a
'mending' the written words of the American
Constitution, infuriates me to no end of course, and as
such, compels me to dabble in a issue I would rather not
as public figure, but, ahh.. what the hell here we go
again about my care for gay men as a straight guy who
goes love wow about freedom as anyone, (all cute boys
most definitely included), and dreams about females,
more often than I think of my own "manness".

Demon bush knows now that Americans do not support him
by democratic poll, yet, he is taking a position of
currupting the American Constitution, that he in almost
every other way, has left ignored as irrelevant.

Whom a person loves completely, or what they personally
desire, cannot be morally mandated through government by
written law. Protections are placed for the rights of
an individual. So; what rights are denied bush's
america, when two faithfuls decide together, to mutually
tie the knot as soully devoted? [Is demon bush, as evil
incarnate, tyranting again with his betterer way than
Freedom's way for all People as equals still?, or are
you now completely alone on thinking, that demon bush
has no right as your business on who you may, or may not
want as a love held dear, that feels just the same when
your near? As a partner you would love until death
found you parted, you will give to your false deity
demon bush, to make that decision for You now as the
unspoken? Demon bush, the antichrist, is going to
change the American Constitution, so you can't mutually
love with God, someone of God? And, lawless bush, the
demon antiChrist, is going to enact the he is greaterer
and betterer that All US innocent People he wishes to
deprive our equal rights to say, no thanks?]

Complete love can be made through any individuals.
Marriage is a union celebrating complete devotion, that
does not exclude an emotional, so as, relative of
absolutes measurement. The infinity Of God's unbound
glory to wonder what it is to be of ourselves as Love
everlasting. Two self aware conscious gay people can
experience all the fundamentals of expression, that any
other once sad people could.

For the lawless bush law to follow through thwarting
sharing God's love freely, we'd all be forbidden
to do anything., For, we would not exist even as living
sexual beings. Demon bush's unknown experiences I don't
want to know any more of, but look, he's touching Your

Will masturbation be the next target for banning by
moral bush mandate? And., I thought bush already was at
least bi? Didn't he have several flings with pretty boy
Scott? (So, let's all take bush's case: What rights
are denied US if sore ass bush went down on the gang in
a whore house of lethal promiscuity?) Instead of
banning Gay marriage we should be encouraging it, as an
effort to try to find someone for everyone to truly love
and cherish.

Demon bush is fcuekd up. I guess it comes with being
the antiChrist, and killing all them American coppers,
has got his purpose all wacky, and out of order with the
rest of our world liberating.

You can protect a person's right to be, but not pass
laws to deny free loving of the godly humans. But guess
what?, bush'll do it anyway by saying, he dunt read
papers with words on rights of dem People, cause we're
all together too opinionated when it comes to him
mass murdering thousands, like in New York City.

Now I plead again, care about Your reality in his
flagrant falsehoods, before he takes US all unwillingly
further as unjustly heard from!!! When an actual god
such as myself, comes around to say destroy war monger
George W. Bush in everyway you can before he destroys
more of our America's America left undefended, speaking
as I am, along with all of Creation as the true Son of
Man, we're all really dead serious about it this time.

It's not far-fetched. It's that the tv and radio
bushite cultists forbid public dialog on things relevant
and important to human survival. But trying and failing
is all it takes. However, I can't be the only person
here in North America who phones american talk radio
stations to be hung up on as caring for a soldier's
grandmum, You must try also. YOU READING THIS. Yah,
that's right, you you dummy. Why don't You love life
like America, or Freedom and Justice for All as so
present in the American Constitution and go baby go, you
won't regret it for as long as you live. Look, don't
fear the antiChrist, the evil American cop killer George
W. Bush, or corporate america's "sexy" rummy, the
cluster dud dropper, fear me as the Son of Man becoming
legitimately concerned with a falling AaaAaAmerica,
trying to force US all, God as Humanity, to sacrifice as
bound slaves to be robbed for by private nazi bankers,
[hitler's financiers], or murdered by evil american war
mongers who command weak and cowardly nazi teen bushites
who willingly eat plutonium while bombing whomever for
whatever cause they're truly dumfuked as traitors.
Though, as leaderlessly dumb as they are being blind
devote bushite, demon bush would have to take them out
of this world entirely, before they started worshiping
purposefully as an organized military, to like bush,
kill good American coppers as blinder than the fates
will allow. So, Supreme Universal Justice, as an actual
property of three dimensions is truly rooted on your
side, if you would only try. Take this from me as the
dead guy, who will now be vacationing officially. If
you guys in America can't simply help yourselves over
your fears of traitor George W. Bush, then who needs
who as a friend to the stars? Come on, lend a hand.
Give living for something greater a try, and email this
to your favorite news personalities. Stand up and be
counted for something more important than how much the
bushmob can steal from ourselves as Universal Family.

Johnny WIzard


The Jews had it right

Demon bush recently commenting on his vast superior
knowledge of matrimony, spewed forth "millennia of human

Imagine a corporately successful American divorce
lawyer, taking what he can get away with, and the
marriage experience for America we'll be like that

Just where is the "human experience"? I don't yet know
all the answers, but, why is it that the happy couple
can't just have a religious ceremony sanctifying their
marriage, and be done with the rest of the, I might
screw you over in the legal ease later part of it? If
done so, I'm sure marriages would more easily stand the
test of time. The strength of marriage is recognized
for what it symbolizes in love ever lasting union. (as
God is, or as with Nature, or just as all the dedicated
one on one playtime)

The divorce lawyers take half your life's assets through
pressing subtly for, doing so as he/she plans, to be
sweetly bittered out of settlement as far as the lingo
can commiserate the arbitrator of commissary charges on
every forthwith therefore, stuffed for your(s), petty
pity parties into their glorious big fat wallet.

Marriages don't truly hold together through love by
expensive paper work done by hearty bureaucrats, but by
a personal life commitment to love, cherishing one..
blah blah blah... Now, how could anyone, anywhere, as
"The State" say to two people who express a mutual
caring love, (as anyone else could), are forbidden to
express love through sharing freely with one another as
something truly beautiful? A celebrated relationship
that makes their time together something treasured?
Time of the newer old world along with all the ancient
newborn stars above orchestrating for their everyday
ra-ra pom-pommed humdrum of roughing it through the bad
times to revel in the good? Couples who have committed
to life long sharing, live longer on the average, than
anybody else does. It's a fact Jill.

(As for me, and my own little Universe that revolves
around myself starving for attention as almost penniless
performer, leaves me with my one liner, "no I'm actually
playing the Son of Man as Creator for real to packed
live auditoriums", really kinda, makes things
difficult...but hey! Things could change. God is free
Love man!, don't you guys remember the 60's? Look, I'll
even show you how i do some of my best card tricks, if
you get me on for an hour or two with Aaron Brown. He's
on that CNN channel. The News channel. Or perhaps my
secret nemesis, Art Bell, why don't you give him a call?)


God but, the Marriage thing is really a big something in
America, as it does seem amiss, though I'm honestly not
qualified to offer much more insights, until I can get
off the, why is bush getting away with murdering US as
the antiChrist first. (Maybe it is all my fault why no
girl wants to give her love to me in between my
swashbucklin'.. oh well then, I guess that's one of the
mysteries I pose as the average chicken coop's "holy God

Anyway, I think it's time we'd be getting the deviant
George W. Bush annulled from our wills.

/ / MK Ahmed Tibi (Hadash) said he does not think Boim
should resign because the deputy defense minister acts
as valuable evidence for those who think the Israeli
government embraces a group of fascists. \ \

As I've written, since i took up this challenge, areil
sharon is the furthest thing from a Jew one could
imagine. No really, that's the most disturbing quality
of racism, and or bigotry practiced in our governments
as Institutionalized. (A fault found that is genuinely
unfair as those who practice it.) (of which so very none
get truly wealthy from.) Resulting in an individual
monster named ariel sharon: enemy of every Jew since
the dawn. To, as a representative government, publicly,
in the People's name, ACT deliberately unfair as
criminals, denigrating some labeled group of innocent
people for cheating and victimization, or murdering like
hitler did, is as of, unfair to the God of Christian,
Pagans, the Buddyhas, along with a great many others
even including the, "no thanks", they ha